Tunisia was a great place to travel with a 2 and a half year old and a 9 month old

People were friendly and helpful and seemed to genuinely love children. The only problems we had were lodges, baby food and toilets. The toilets in bus/train stations were completely unsuitable for a two year old – too dirty and in some cases no running water. However, most restaurants were ok and some of the sites such as El Jem, Sbteila and Dougga had ok toilets.

In terms of baby food – it is available in supermarkets and chemists but is of the over pureed kind which older babies tend not to like. This presented a problem because most of the food in restaurants, cafes, etc. is too spicy for a baby so ours survived on the jars of food we had brought from home, bread and yoghurt. You would advise anyone to take their own baby food with them if in doubt.

In Tunis, near the Bouchoucha Metro Station, there is an over one kilometer long section of the Carthage – Zaghouan aqueduct still standing. It is nowhere near as long and impressive as the section you can see along the road to Zaghouan but for people who wish to see a genuine Roman aqueduct and don’t feel like taking the trouble of leaving the city it could work as a substitute.