Turkey Spiritual Vacations

The Turkey spiritual tours give you a comprehensive insight of the tradition and culture of Turkey. Since the country has a rich cultural heritage, you are going to have a great time while on your Turkey Spiritual tours. There are many churches in Turkey which becomes a part of your Turkey tour itineraries. The many places scattered around Turkey showcasing the real essence of the country is surely a one-of-a-kind experience. The spiritual tours in Turkey take you around the ancient and holy sections of the city.
If you are planning a trip to Turkey the, you must make it a point to visit all the spiritual places which adorn the city thereby reflecting the real flavor of the country. While on a spiritual tour of Turkey the visitors explore the ruins of Antiquity present in many cities especially those situated along the Mediterranean Sea as well as in the interio parts of the country. The guests are taken on a tour of the wondrous Cappodocia in the center of the country, the Royal City of Constantinople – Istanbul in the West including interesting spiritual sites of Anatolian Civilizations extending to the Hittite
The Turkey spiritual tours will take you around Edrine which has spectacular Ottoman monuments and was a famous retreat of ottoman dynasty, Topkapi Palace housing the sacred relics of Islam, Eyupe district of Istanbul is one of the greatest cemeteries of the Orient, Bursa- the ‘Royal Burial Ground’, Temple of Augustus, Haci Bayram Veli Mosque, Erzurum, Sivas, Diyarbakir a city famous for its innumerable mosques. The Blue Mosque and the Suleymaniye Mosque of the city of Istanbul are some of the major places which the tourists like to visit while on spiritual tours in Turkey. As you take a tour of Turkey you are surely going to be amazed by the brilliant architectural masterpieces which highlight the rich aesthetic sense of the Ottoman rulers. The Topkapi Palace in Turkey, where you will get to see a hair of Prophet Mohammed, his footprints, soil from his grave; his coat and even his seal along with the casket of the Holy Black Stone of Kaaba is yet another of the famous sites.

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