Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, is in the central part of Mongolia on the bank of river Tuul. In 1639, it was founded to as the center of Buddhism in the country, and has since grown to reflect a mix of ancient tradition, Buddhist ritual and modern commerce and trade. It is the undisputed political, economic, and cultural centre of Mongolia. The capital is administrated in four districts (Sukhbaatar, Han-Uul, Chingeltei and Bayangol) and the two satellite towns of Nalaih and Baganuur.

Places to visit:

Gandan Monastery
Still the largest and most significant monastery in Mongolia, this is one of the Ulaanbaatar’s most interesting sights. Built in the mid 19th century, it is the only monastery where Buddhist services continued to function even during the communist past.

Janraisig Temple
The Migjid Janraisig Temple was closed for the past 45 years. Its recent reopening has allowed pilgrims and tourists the opportunity to view the majestic new statue of Migjid Janraisig, adorned with gold and jewels. This 20-ton work of art is an exact copy of the Janraisig statue destroyed during a purge sixty years ago.

The Museum of Mongolian History
This museum, containing thousands of interesting historical exhibits, nomadic farming and domestic implements, saddles, musical instruments and Buddhist artwork, represents the full range of ethnic groups throughout Mongolia and an ideal illustrated summary of Mongolia’s contemporary history.

Choijin Lama Monastery
Completed in 1904, the monastery was closed in 1938 and saved as a museum. The Main Temple contains an impressive collection of original silk icons and some of the best tsam masks in the country. There are many original wooden and bronze statues of various gods, some created by G.Zanabazar, the famous Mongolian sculptor.

The Art Gallery
The Art Gallery contains a huge and impressive displays of unique modern Mongolian paintings and sculptures.

Bogdo Khan Palace Museum
Built between 1893 and 1903, the Winter Palace of Bogdo Khan was the home of Mongolia’s last king, Javzan Damba Hutagt VIII. This complex of temples and houses contain hundreds of artifacts, artwork and many other unique relics.

Zaisan Memorial
This tall landmark in front of the city offers the best views of Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding nature. Zaisan Memorial is dedicated to the Victory Day of WWII.