Union of Mongolian Artists

Established in 1942, the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA)is the largest, national, non-profit, arts organization which aims to promote Mongolian fine art and art crafts. The main goal of the UMA is to promote the works of Mongolian artists (UMA) in Mongolia and overseas and to assist international collaboration of Mongolian artists with their international partners. All the activities of the UMA are intended to contribute in the development of fine art in Mongolia.

The Union has membership of more than 600 artists and has sections of painting, graphic art, sculpture, murals and traditional crafts. Many well known Mongolian artists and art historians are members of the UMA.The Governing Board consists of nine artists, Chairman, and Vice Chairman elected from the Union congress are responsible to provide leadership and management to the UMA. The Congress convenes every three years. The UMA carries out annual public and sales exhibitions in Mongolia named Spring to promote innovative ideas and young artists, Beautiful Mongolia for sale, Autumn to acknowledge a best artworks of a year, Best artworks of a year by masterpieces of UMA prize winners and other exhibitions abroad. Every year UMA awards artists for their artistic achievements and for the best work of art produced.

The UMA owns centrally located Art Centre with facilities for Art Gallery, Art shop and Art Studio House with capacity of more than 50 private studios for its members. The UMA has branches in every provinces and major cities in Mongolia and has close collaboration with the Institute of Fine Art at the University of Arts and Culture.

The UMA is a member of International Association of Art (IAA) and International Organization of Folk Art (IOV/IOFA), a division of UNESCO.



Union of Mongolian Artists
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