Uruguay stresses enhanced ties with Iran

Uruguay’s Foreign Minister Reinaldo Gargano in Montevideo on Thursday said that his country attaches great importance to expansion of ties with Iran.

Gargano was speaking in a meeting with Iran’s new Ambassador to Uruguay Morteza Tafrishi who had called on him to submit a copy of his credentials.

He added that Iran and Uruguay should make use of their important and strategic geographical positions as an advantage to promote mutual ties.

Iran and Uruguay enjoy identical views on international developments, he said, adding Montevideo is interested in bolstering political relations with Tehran.

Tafrishi, for his part, said that Latin America and Uruguay in particular have an importance status in Iran’s foreign policy.

He added that the two countries share common views on various issues including fight against international terrorism, defense for human rights, opposition to unilateralism and non-interference in internal affairs of countries.

Iran is adjacent to Central Asia, the Persian Gulf and the entire Middle East and can become as a gate for import of Uruguayan products to these regions while Uruguay is vital for Iran to enter the Southern Common Market (MERCOSOUR), he added.