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  Name Highlight Activity Duration Price Season Destination
Desert and Cities of Uzbekistan
Visit Mausoleum of Djahangir – the eldest and dearest son of Great Timur (XIV c.), Complex Dar-Ut Saadat – Mosque of Imam Hazrat (XIV c.), Darut-Tillavat... City Tour , Desert Safari 14 days USD 3060 - 3060
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, khiva, nurata, samarkand, tashkent)

Through History
Meeting with one of the most remarkable cities of Khorezm oasis. It was the capital of the Khanate in the seventeenth century and one of the great places of... Heritage Tour , History Tour 11 days USD 2360 - 2360
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, khiva, nurata, samarkand, tashkent, urgench)

Holy Places
Visit the Oldest part of Tashkent - Mosque Tilla-Shaykh (19 c) – “Mosque of Khast Imam” where the oldest QUR’ANI KARIM of OSMAN is kept - Mosque... Religious Tour 10 days USD 2230 - 2230
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, samarqand, tashkent)

Ziyara Naqshbandi Golden Tour of Uzbekistan
Visiting the Ensemble of Bakha-ad-Din Nakshband {12 km from Bukhara, in the village of Khasri Orifon. Mukhammad ibn Jaloliddin Khodjai Buzrug became famous... Culture Tour , Classic Tour 7 days USD 1500 - 1500
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, samarkand, shakhrisabz, tashkent)

Exotic Tour Along Uzbekistan And Disappearing Bridge of Aral Sea
Explore City Museum, The monument for died solders during World War II (The highest place in Muynak), Opening of the cemetery of boats, The bridge of... Culture Tour , Classic Tour 14 days USD 3060 - 3060
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan
(bukhara, khiva, muynak, nukus, tashkent)

The Lenin Peak (7,134 m) today is one of the most popular, easy of access and because of that most frequented peaks among 7,000m-odd summits of Pamir. Its a... Camping Tour , Hiking Tour 20 - 21 days USD 700 - 850
Per person
All Year Round Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
(bishkek, tashkent)

Unique trip along the Pamir Highway will meet you one of the most protected places of the Planet! There are only two places, where the road is going trough... Adventure Tour 14 - 15 days USD 2605 - 3495
Per person
May - September Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
(dushanbe, tashkent)

Majestic minarets, blue domes of mausoleums, ancient madrasah and impressive caravansaries will tell you about past power and richness of Uzbekistan. You... Classic Tour 14 - 15 days USD 1090 - 3730
Per person
April - October Uzbekistan
(bukhara, nurata, samarkand, tashkent)

Chimgan mountain massif is justified considered most popular place of pilgrimage shrine for all devotees of the active mountain rest. Its very strange, but... Hiking Tour , Landscape Tour 7 - 8 days USD 920 - 1305
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan

During thousand of years, this famous road connected China with the Mediterranean and two hugest civilization of those times Oriental and Western. Thousand... Culture Tour 25 - 26 days USD 1675 - 4605
Per person
April - October Uzbekistan

Program is carried out in resort areas of Western Tien-Shan its Beldersay tract placed close to Chimgan and also its a shore of artificial Charvak lake.... Sport Tour 7 days USD 900 - 1300
Per person
March - October Uzbekistan

Uzbek cuisine, perhaps, is one of the most saturated in the whole Orient! Uzbekistan, during hundred of years located at the trade caravans ways of the Great... Culture Tour 8 - 9 days USD 950 - 1595
Per person
All Year Round Uzbekistan

  Name Highlight Activity City Destination
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