Vacation in Senegal

Located in the westernmost part of the Africa continent, Senegal has just started to reap the rewards of a blooming tourism industry, with it being only a few hours away from major tourist markets; five hours away from Western Europe and about seven hours away from the East Coast of the United States. An extremely sunny country claiming more than 3000 hours of sunshine yearly.

Despite various influences (mostly from Western culture due to a long French presence in West Africa and also Middle Eastern influence due to a tradition of multiple exchanges with North Africa and Arab Countries), Senegal has its own brand of exotic music, food and customs that gives it the right dash of spice.

Its weather is tropical, hot and humid with the rainy season occurring May to November bringing some strong southeast winds; conversely the dry season runs from December to April and is dominated by hot, dry, humid and low winds; but even the changing of the seasons shouldn’t affect your choice of when to visit as there’s always something to see and do in Senegal and the surf is as consistent as you’ll find anywhere else on earth.

So much can be experienced in Senegal from aquatic sports, horseback riding, bird watching, historic museums, gorgeous natural sites, six major game parks and reserves, diversified fauna and flora to name a few. But more importantly to the surf enthusiast Senegal is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world.

Dakar, the melting pot capital city, is one of the busiest cruise ships port in Africa and boasts an exciting restaurant and club scene, as well as duty-free shopping.