Vaitupu, Tuvalu is an important Island in Tuvalu. It has the only secondary school in the country. Vaitupu, Tuvalu is made up of many small islands.

Vaitupu in Tuvalu comprises an elongated reef platform. A large central island and a number of smaller islets make Vaitupu. The outer reef is lined by a vast area of coral pavement. This can be up to 700 meters wide on the eastern side and around 200 meters wide on the western side.

The capital of Vaitupu is Asau. The island has the second-largest population in Tuvalu. According to the 2002 census the figure stood at 1,591. The island has the country’s only secondary school, Motufoua. Students from all over the archipelago are sent here to further their education. The island became so overcrowded during the 1940s that many families were forced to migrate to Fiji.

The Vaitupu Island in Tuvalu covers approximately 5.6 square kilometers. The atoll of Vaitupu comprises 9 isles. Some of the names of such isles include Luasamotu, Mosana, Motutanifa, Temotu Te Motu Olepa and Tofia. The biggest island of Vaitupu, Tuvalu is Vaitupu proper. It is followed by Tofia. The vegetation of the island consists of swamps, mangroves, a fringing coral reef and a large lagoon.