Valenca do Minho

Valenca do Minho is on the northern border by the Eiffel rail bridge across to Tuy in Spain. Valenca is a walled town located on the left bank of Minho River, approximately 25 km from the Atlantic Ocean.


The most interesting things to visit are mainly inside the fortress that looks down to the Minho River and Spain. They have been destroyed several times whether it were the Barbarians, the Arabs, the armies of Asturias and Leon or even the French troops in the 19th century, they have always been restored and still very well preserved. This fortress is a piece of Gothic and baroque military architecture.

The Old International Bridge – In 1879 Portugal and Spain agreed to construct a bi-functional (road and train) bridge. The bridge was built inspired in Eiffel works. The bridge is still in use although a new bridge was built south of the older one.

Church of Saint Stephen – A romanic church built during the 13th century and a neo-classic rebuilt during the 18th century. Inside several panels representing scenes Saint Stephen life can be admired.

The cannons – Along the north wall several old cannons very well maintained are positioned pointing to the river and Spain as if to remind of their old purpose.

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