Van is a beautiful destination of Turkey. There is lots to see for visitors. Beautiful Church, Lake are the main attraction of Van region. The atmosphere here are open minded. So, if you plan to visit Turkey don’t miss Van then.


Beautiful church, the main sightseeing spot of the Van region, is located on Akdamar Island on the Van Lake in historical Armenian Vaspurakan province.

The lake is unique of its kind, made of soda water when a river reaches its shore the water changes to milky white color, like a soap.

==== VAN – LIFE

There are shops with western standards as well as pizzerias and some luxury hotels. In the late afternoon the tea garden is frequented by young people and some middle aged women – dressed openly, having their tea with their girlfriends. For nightlife there is the beyaz saray (white house) with a roof restaurant and a oriental live show in the bar below. Its frequented by rather wealthy locals and drinks are quite cheap.

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