Vanuatu Food & Dining

Tired of the same old holiday pub food or hotel buffet fare? Dining in Vanuatu is as exciting as its volcanoes, as warm as its weather, as rich as its South Pacific island identity and as exotic as its Ring of Fire reputation. The many flavours of Vanuatu tourism and travel will tantalise your senses.
On your Vanuatu holiday, Vanuatu food offers a medley of traditional island fare and international cuisine. The Vanuatu map and the tourism guide Vanuatu can show you the favourite places to go.
Many of the popular Vanuatu restaurants include steakhouses, French restaurants and the seafood restaurants, featuring the fresh daily catch. With so many places to eat, from bistros to sidewalk cafes, Vanuatu is a holiday for the tastebuds as well as the rest of the body.
Nibble on narli nuts or try the laplap—a delectable packet of vegetables, yams and taro soaked with grated coconut and steamed with meat, fish or chicken and wrapped in a bundle of leaves.
For a taste of the locals’ favourites, many hotels and resorts will arrange for a Melanesian night, where traditional food, kastom dancing and the permeating Melanesian harmonies will exalt the hearts of even the most reserved of travellers, making your Vanuatu vacation an exceptional experience.
You can sip on a shell of kava at one of the kava nakamals. Just be warned-it’s a strong relaxant, best drunk on an empty stomach to appreciate its subtlety, and you will forget your worries for a little while.

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