There is much to see and do all year round in the friendly wilderness of Vemdalen. Situated on the mountain slopes by thetree line, and only around 1 km from each other, are three large mountain establishments, very different in character and look. There is luxurious Bjrnrike, classical Vemdalsskalet and Storhogna with its winter gardens. In the valley far below is Vemdalen with Veman river. Vemdalen is a charming little village. Its central feature is an interesting octagonal rococo timber church, built in 1763. There is also a heritage farm with buildings several hundred years old. Many festivities take place here – Midsummer festivals, music evenings, handicraft exhibitions, heritage festivals etc.

Visit the village market, which is open every Thursday in July, and for one whole week in August. Vemdalsveckan festival and Flygets Dag (Aviation Day) take place in week 28. The Country Festival and the Propaganda trotting races also take place in August. Try local specialities such as fltgrt porridge, kolbullar dumplings and tunnbrd bread.

South of the village further down the valley lies Vemhn. There is an old customs and excise station from 1867 at Smmlingsbcken. Here, the local homespun materials were stamped for tax. This is now the station of its kind left in Sweden. At Busklandet, visitors will find excellent natural bathing.

Hrjedalen’s first wind-powered electricity plant is situated in Rodovlen, and Storvnd-tjrn is a veritable anglers’ paradise, complete with barbecues and shelters. Tnningssten, a giant boulder 1.5 km from Vemhn in the direction of Sveg, is also popular with sightseers.

In the Vemdalen region man has, since time immemorial, understood how to care for his environment and known how to live in harmony with nature. Go for a beaver safari, and take a closer look at these master builders from your canoe. Or what about a canoe trip on your own down the river Veman.

A visit to a bear’s den is another unique adventure, or perhaps you prefer to wander around looking for wild strawberry places, both real and metaphorical ones. Look for hunting pits, wander along the nature paths and 180 km of marked trails, and all for free!

Summer in Vemdalen is a summer of endless possibilities. Only a fraction of
what is on offer can be covered here. WELCOME!

Dream fishing
Fishing is a family activity that can be enjoyed all the year. Here, there are numerous mountains and forests with a variety of fishing waters -easily accessible lakes and tarns, as well as rivers and streams. Veman’s giant graylings provide a real challenge even to the most experienced angler. Last year, the owner of Vemhns Fiskecamp introduced a very popular pike-angling contest, and some 300 pike, the biggest weighing in at over 10 kg, were caught here. Hrjedalen’s fishing championships are also popular.

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