Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the adventure tourist mecca of Africa – often referred to as the adrenaline capital of Africa. You can’t walk half a block without a tout asking you if you want to bungi or abseil or gorge swing or white-river raft.

Walking around downtown you are bound to run into Baboons, Vervet Monkeys, Warthogs, and an occassional Elephant closer to the falls themselves. You are also going to run into a bunch of guys that want to help you change money. Don’t do it! Used to be you could get a good deal but they are cracking down hard on it and it’s not recommended. You’ll also run into alot of artists that will try to sell (or trade) you soapstone rhinos or people. They claim that they’ve just worked hard carving this ‘one of a kind’ piece. Uh you’ll see them all over, not only in Zimbabwe but in Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa too. If ‘artist’ means that they unpacked it and wiped off the packing material residue then, yes, you’ll meet alot of artists downtown.

How To Get There
Best time to visit
The Falls are their entire most spectacular between April and July at high water peak. The flow is at its lowest between October generally September to November.

By Bus: Airport shuttle most tour operators provide shuttle to the airport; enquire from the Victoria Falls publicity for the list of tour operators.

Car Hire: Most car hire firms have depots at the Vic Falls Airport. An international drivers license and an identity document are required.

By Train: There is a daily train service is operated by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). The train departs Victoria Falls at 1830hrs and arrives in Bulawayo the following morning at 0700hrs.It departs Bulawayo at 1830hrs and arrives in Bulawayo at 0700hrs in the morning.

What To Do
Activities in Victoria Falls:

* River Cruiser
* Rafting
* Birding Safaris
* Canoeing
* Mountain Bike Trails
* Night Game Drives
* African Traditional Dancing
* Casinos
* Chobe Game Park
* Elephant Walk Gallery
* Game View