Vietnam welcomes over 2mil foreign visitors so far

With over 179,000 visitors, the Republic of Korea (RoK) has overtaken Taiwan and Japan to become one of the top three markets of Vietnam, behind China and the US. Korean visitors prefer northern and central provinces.

Director of the Miss Ao Dai Centre in Hanoi, Duong Thanh Thuy, revealed that her centre welcomes 400-600, and sometimes even 800, foreign visitors each day.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the number of American tourists has peaked. Some large travel firms reported growth rates of 80-90%/ month for US visitors.

For the first time, four ASEAN countries ? Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia ? have entered the top-ten for countries with the highest numbers of visitors to Vietnam, with growth rates ranging from 47 to 120%.

According to VNAT, some Vietnamese travel companies joined a tourism promotion programme in the US last month. These companies offer special tours for the US and have sent experts to the US to develop long-term strategies for this market. Some firms plan to invite American partners to Vietnam to survey the market and design tours.

Over 204,000 American visitors came to Vietnam in the January-July period, nearly a 19% increase from last year, VNAT reported.

The Asia-Pacific Tourism Association has forecast that the volume of US visitors to Vietnam next year may reach 500,000.


Courtesy: Ba Tours

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