Village Exploring of Rajasthan – Exotic Land of Royalty

Rajasthan is an exotic land of royalty, loyalty endowed with invisible forts, magnificent palaces and colorful people. For visiting historical places in Rajasthan, the village safari plays an important roll. There is a collection of customs and urbanization in villages of Rajasthan. If you want to explore the other side of Rajasthan you must go for the Village Safari. Villages of Rajasthan will prove to be a wonderful getaway from the hustling city life. A village tour in Rajasthan will give you an insight into rural India.

The most basic form of civilization is the villages of Rajasthan. The villages of Rajasthan are famous for their colorful lifestyle, Eco – friendly Houses, Decorative Facades, Intensely Religious People, Wildlife and Safari.

Camping in surrounding areas of the villages and participating in all aspects of village life is an experience that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

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