Volume of air passengers operations increased on the quarter.

Within 9 months of this year volume of air-passenger operations increased on 25 per cent comparing to the same period of the last year. More than half a million people made use of national and foreign air companies services.

More than 62 per cent of passengers flew by national air companies. Air Moldova is the leader. More than half of all passengers made use of their services – 263.8 thousand people. Then follow Turkish Airlines that conveyed more than 74.4 thousand of passengers, Moldavian Airlines (43 700), Romanian Carpet Air (38 400), Italian Meridiana SpA (36 600), Austrian Airlines (22 200), Moldovan Tandem Aero (17 100) and Romanian Tarom (11 500).

According to State Administration of Commercial Aviation the most popular are the flights to Istanbul (103.3 thousand people), Moscow (65.8 thousand), Timisoara (42.3 thousand) and Frankfurt-on-Main (524.7 thousand).