Wadden Islands

The Wadden Sea is a unique wetland area, stretching along the entire North Sea coast from Den Helder in The Netherlands up to as far as Esbjerg in Denmark. It is the largest estuarine area in Europe. When tide comes in, the area fills up with water from the North Sea, and outgoing tide causes the water to flow back again. From time immemorial, this perpetual come and go movement has created tidal mud flats, sand flats, sea gullies and salt marshes, thus making the Wadden Sea a unique ecosystem, a resting, moulting and feeding area for several millions of migratory birds, and a habitat for many thousands of seals and other species.

The Dutch part of the area is semi-enclosed in the North by five dune barrier islands, called in Dutch the Wadden Eilanden (Wadden islands or Wetland islands). They offer very pure locations to spend a few days in unspoiled nature.


Out of the five islands it is difficult to choose one for you to visit because each and every island offers its own unique environment. The biggest or the smallest, the furthest from the mainland or only requiring a quick crossing, the calmest atmosphere or a more lively experience, picturesque villages or endless beaches. But in last all depends on you which one you choose….you choose one or all five.

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