Walking Tours in New Zealand

The excellent walking tours in New Zealand are one of the most exciting and enjoyable tours in New Zealand. Located in the clear waters of Pacific ocean, 30 percent of New Zealand’s land have been officially protected with public access. The large amount of uninhabited land of the country offers ample opportunity for walking tours in New Zealand.

Ranging from shorter walks up to a day long or a multi-day track through remote high country, New Zealand walking tours have a lot to offer everyone from serious hiking enthusiasts to those just out for a stroll.

The walking tours in New Zealand is one of the most popular things to do in New Zealand. Not only that you can explore the natural marvels of the country, these walking tours takes you through the best national parks and reserves of the country. If you love to discover the diverse flora and fauna of New Zealand, walking is certainly the best option. The variety of New Zealand walking tours will surely attract you. Overnight walks like the Milford Track, Hollyford Track, Routeburn Track and Queen Charlotte Track are suitable for walkers of all levels while beginners can start with one-day walks like the Tongariro Crossing.
The mountains and the glaciers of the West Coast of New Zealand are a good place for hiking in New Zealand. In the foothills of the Southern Alps, the mountain walking challenges even the experienced mountaineer. You can also opt for walking tours in New Zealand that will take you to the volcanic areas of the North Island. You can also enjoy the beach walks in New Zealand along the sandy beaches of 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga.

Some of the essentials for your walking tours in New Zealand include a comfortable day pack, waterproof jacket and good quality lightweight walking boots. If you really want to enjoy walking 3–6 hours with distances ranging from 8-22 kilometers, make sure that you are visiting New Zealand during Spring.


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