Want a travel tip for the United States – don’t miss Manhattan in New York City

New York – the city that never sleeps: the Big Apple. The city with many names is a popular travel destination for many people from all around the world. With its over eight million people spread over a relatively small area – New York City is the most densely populated metropolitan area of the United States – there are many things to see and do here. In this article I will try to cover the parts of Manhattan that I visited when I was here the last time.

New York City is located on the south eastern part of the state of New York and stretches out in a peninsula into the East River. It consists of five boroughs which are Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. There are three major airports around the city; JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airport. I would recommend people who travel here to flag down a cab from all airports into town except for Newark which is located about forty five minutes away. For those more economically inclined there are of course trains and subways from JFK and LaGuardia as well.

On the southern tip of Manhattan the financial district is located and close by are the remnants of the Twin Towers. The city has arranged a form of memorial here, with pictures from nine eleven showing firemen, police officers and civilians in the moment of the attacks. In other words: a place for thought and prayer. Travel south and you will reach the financial district with some of the city’s most famous landmarks like Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange among others. This place is great in the evening with the architectural buildings beautifully lit up.

Follow the central street of Broadway north and after fifteen minutes or so you will end up outside City Hall. Here the city government along with the governor reside and is definitely worth a look. Most who travel here do not know that New York actually was the capital between seventeen eighty nine and seventeen ninety.

Continue north about ten minutes until you come to the intersection with Canal Street. You are now in street vendor Mecca. I can not recommend buying anything here, but it is fun to just browse around. If you choose travel east here you will end up in Chinatown, a place I will cover in future articles.

On your travel northwards, follow Canal Street west and the north again on Sixth Avenue and you will stumble upon my favourite area of New York City, namely Greenwich Village. Here the lower buildings, cosy restaurants and bars and diversity of stores and hotels make for a grand experience. Take Bleecker Street east and treat yourself to some food. May I recommend Italian and some whine as usual?

Bleecker ends up on Broadway once more so follow it there and make north once again until you arrive in Union Square. This place is noted for its impressive statue of George Washington. If you are lucky you will catch some street performers here playing music or doing rollerblades and the like. A nice travel pit stop for café latte.

This was the first part of the New York article series for people who want to travel here. In the next article I will continue northwards and give you some more tips on bars and shopping.