Water Sports in South Korea

Water sports in South Korea are a favorite activity and it is enjoyed by all those who come here for tours. The beaches in South Korea include Haeundae, a wonderful beach that attracts tens of thousands of Korean as well as foreign tourists. The beach is 12 kilometers long. The Haeundae Beach is Busan’s most popular beach and along with Seogwipo’s, it is one of the hottest beaches in South Korea. Pusan is known as the summer capital of Korea as it attracts tourists from all over the country. There are six beaches in total in South Korea. Here you will also find the High class hotels and a carnival boardwalk line the Haeundae Beach district. This is another reason why the place is all the more popular. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in South Korea. There is also the Gwangalli Beach and this is famous for its cafes, bars, and restaurants along the beach.
You should come here during summer especially on the weekends. These famous beaches in South Korea are transformed into a sea of humanity with more than 100,000 people cramming in on a narrow, one mile strip of sand. The Jungmun Beach is a popular surfing attraction too on the south coast of Jeju Island south of South Korea.
There are some other extremely beautiful beaches and these are ideal for water sports in Korea as well. Some of the best beaches in South Korea can be found in Samcheok on the east coast. Its silver sand beaches are beautifully lined with the pine forests and it also boasts of having some of the biggest caves in the country. There is also the Soraksan National Park that you should not miss. It is home to fine beaches and hot springs as well.
Water Sports in the Beaches in South Korea
All tourists will find plenty of facilities for water sports along the southern coast and islands. The ideal time is from June to November. Swimming, paragliding and whitewater rafting are possible through out the year. There are numerous scuba diving centers as will that provide diving classes, equipment rental and air tanks as well.
Cheju-do Island is another place that is ideal for water sports in South Korea. It is the most popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The waters surrounding the island are ideal for deep-sea fishing. There are a number of accommodation units too that are available and these provide options for windsurfing, water-skiing and boating.
On the south coast, Samcheunpo is a geological gem. This is a perfect venue for water sports and sunbathers. There is also the Cheju Island that is a very popular area for scuba diving, skin diving and snorkeling. The water temperature and water quality are the best between June and October. There are many equipment rental agencies near popular dive areas and these provide a full line of gear. You are not allowed to bring compressed air tanks whether filled or empty, on flights, so you will need to rent them at your destination.

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