Waterfalls in Assam

Due to the landscape and an abundance of rivers and tributaries, Assam is home to a large number of exquisite waterfalls that have been the centers of attraction for ages. Several temples, some of which are popular pilgrimage destinations even today, have been historically been structured alongside these gorgeous waterfalls. The best time to visit these destinations in Assam is between October and March every year, as soon after the monsoons are over these rivers and tributaries carry large amounts of water presenting a youthful sight. Nagaon Town and Nagaon District in Assam is home to quite a few such marvelous sights.

Champawati Kunda

Also known as the Chapnalla Falls, Champawati Kunda is a magnificent waterfall located at Chapnalla in the Nagaon District of Assam. Located along side National Highways NH-36 and NH-37 on the Tezpur-Nagaon-Dimapur road, Champawati Kunda is close to the Kaliabor sub-division town at a distance of 48 kilometers to the east of Nagaon. Kaliabor is a historic place which was the headquarters of the Barphukans during the Ahom historic-period, and eventually was the scene of several battles fought against the Muslim invaders.

Akashiganga Waterfall

Within lovely surroundings and picturesque backgrounds, Akashiganga is a gigantic waterfall close to Dabaka Town, on the Dabaka-Dimapur Road in Assam. Located 50 kilometers to the southeast of Nagaon, Akashiganga finds mention as a holy place associated with the Shakti cult in the Kalika Puran. Pilgrims throng to take a holy dip in a water-pool formed nearby the falls. There are several temples and their ruins at the bottom which are of immense archaeological importance. Built in the 12th century, these ruins carry an inherent charm.