Weather in Bahrain

Weather in Bahrain is a deciding factor in analyzing the ideal time for visiting this archipelago island. It is an essential factor as that would tell us the right time to go to Bahrain and also would be an added advantage in making the itinerary for a long or a short tour. One would be prepared for health hazards and natural hazards while planning for a trip to Bahrain if they have adequate understanding regarding the Weather in Bahrain. Weather in Bahrain during the summer is highly humid and hot. It enjoys sunshine all the year round. The midday temperatures vary between 32 and 35 degree centigrade.At night are also hot and humid. The winter is comparatively cooler and pleasant.

The temperature is about 21 degree centigrade. The winter begins in December and lasts until March. There is also rainfall during the winter months, though it is very scanty.

Weather in Bahrain is also influenced by the damp northwesterly shama winds. The qaws is a hot and dry south wind accompanied by low humidity sand and dust.

The best time to visit Bahrain is the spring or the autumn season. During this time the weather is pleasant. During this time, the weather in Bahrain is warm and the soft breezes make the weather all the more pleasant and temperate.

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