Weather in Belgium

The Weather in Belgium is similar to Netherlands and has mild winters, cool summers and rainy, humid and cloudy days as well. The Weather in Belgium has considerable variation from day today and also throughout the year. The northern part bordering Netherlands has mild temperature. The central part or Belgium has moderate elevation and has gently rolling countryside. The temperature here is little colder in the winter season and warmer in the summer. During the summer season, the Weather is wetter and there are frequent thunderstorms. The north and the center of Belgium has the most productive agricultural produce.

The Weather in Belgium in the winters is wetter in the southern region than north and there is hill fog. The summer in the Ardennes is a little cooler as compared to the north and is not so much wetter. The Weather in Belgium is very pleasant except the severe winter. The average daily sunshine ranges from around two hours a day during January to seven to eight hours in June.

Belgium is a low lying country situated on the North Sea coast in the Western Europe. The country has three regions which are Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. The terrain of Belgium has flat coastal plains in the northwest, rolling hills in the center, wooded hills and valleys of the Ardennes Forest in the southeast.

The Weather in Belgium is influenced by the maritime temperate, and has considerable precipitation in the different seasons. The lowest temperature is 3 degree centigrade in January while July sees the highest temperature of 18 degree centigrade. The precipitation per month varies between 54 millimeters in February or April to 78 millimeters in July. The average daily temperature shows minimums o f7 degree centigrade and a maximum of 14 degree centigrade. The average of monthly rainfall is of 74 millimeters.

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