Weather in Denmark

Weather in Denmark is favorable for the tourists who come to the country to explore its wonderful sightseeing places. The official Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest of the 5 Nordic countries. The mainland of Denmark is located north of its only land neighbor, Germany, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway. The Weather in Denmark is mainly temperate and is never too harsh for the travelers.

The winters in Denmark are not too cold with mean temperatures in January and February of 0 degree centigrade and the summers are cool with mean temperature in August 15.7 degree centigrade. There is a lot of wind, which is stronger during the winter and weaker during the summer. Denmark experiences an average of 170 rainy days. Heavy rainfall occurs in the month of November. During the winter the days are short with sunrise coming around 9:30 a.m. and sunset 4:30 p.m.

Due to the small size and low elevation of the country, weather and climate do not vary much throughout the country. Cold weather can be felt in most winters when the waters of the Baltic freeze. The average duration of winter snow cover in Denmark is about 30 days but in some winters there may be little snow.

Conditions in summer are variable from year to year and from day to day. One can experience little warm air during summer but it rarely becomes unpleasantly hot. Precipitation occurs all the year round, but summer and autumn are the wettest seasons. As a whole, Weather in Denmark is pleasant all the year round. Daily sunshine hours range from between one and two in winter to about eight in summer.

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