Weather in India

Weather in India differs from one place to the other. Weather in India is quite important for the travelers who embark on India Tours. Weather in India changes from time to time and there are 28 states and seven union territories in India whose regular weather forecast is given by the Indian Meteorological Department.

India is a sub tropical country and it lies on the northern side of the equator. Weather in India is interrelated with its climate as all places are. Weather in India has a formidable dependence on its physical characteristics. The Indian peninsula is bound on all three sides by the sea and the wind pattern which comes in from the different directions has a major role to play in it. The Himalayan mountain range which lies on the northern part of India makes the Weather in India subtropical in nature. The cold polar winds cannot come in from the northern Polar Regions and the great Himalayas acts as a barrier in this regard.

The monsoon wind which comes in from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea also has an imperative role to play in determining the weather conditions in India. The south west and the north east monsoon cause rainfall in many parts of India. The major portion of the Indo Gangetic plain which is important for cultivation and human settlement depends on the onset of the south east monsoon winds. The southeast monsoon causes rainfall in the western side of the Western Ghats, Indo Gangetic plain and the Himalayan foothills. The retreating northeast monsoon winds causes rainfall in the southern part of India during the winter season.

India Weather has a lot of dependence on these factors and their pertinent role underlines the main characteristics of it. The tourists who plan to embark on India Tours can decide on their itinerary considering the weather in India. It is better to avoid tours of India during summers because it remains very hot and humid. The spring and the winters are the best time to visit India because the Weather in India is relatively pleasant during this time.

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