Weather in Marshall Islands

Weather in Marshall Islands is pleasant and makes favorable conditions for tourists traveling from all over the world. The beautiful Marshall Islands are a collection of 1,225 islands and islets of which only five are single islands. The rest are grouped into 29 coral atolls that resemble strings of pearls in the blue backdrop of ocean. No wonder, they are referred to as the ‘Pearl of The Pacific’. All the islands and islets are of coral formation with some rising just a meter above the water. Weather in Marshall Islands is determined by the geography and location of the islands.
The Marshall Islands has a maritime tropical climate. The maritime tropical climate is hot and humid with little seasonal temperature change. Weather in Marshall Islands is basically humid and hot with a wet season from May to November. The driest period is from December to April. The each of the other months receives rainfall of 45-60 cm. Diurnal variations in temperature generally range between 21° and 34°C (70° and 93°F). The average high temperature is in the mid to upper 80s F or 30-32 C and low temperatures are almost always in the upper 70s or mid 20s C. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Marshall Islands is 71 F or 22 C.
Trade winds from the northeast bring some relief to the high temperatures from December through March. The average of rainfall is about 30-38 cm or 12-15 inches every month. October and November are regarded as the wettest months and the months from December to April are the driest. Average rainfall increases from the north to the south. Rainfall in the northern atolls average 178 cm or 70 inches annually while in the southern atolls, it is 432 cm or 170 inches. The dry season begins in January and lasts for 3 months.
The islands border the typhoon belt but typhoons are not very common in the Marshall Islands. The waters in the lagoon are a comfortable 80F (26 C) year round and thus, the Weather in Marshall Islands is ideal for fishing, diving and other activities.

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