Weather in Morocco

The Weather in Morocco is subtropical and is moderated by the oceanic influences, resulting in the coastal cities to have moderate temperatures. The interior has colder winter with the summer warmer. The higher altitudes have temperatures, which are often less than -17.8 degree centigrade. This result in the mountain peaks to be covered with snow, round the year. All these make the Weather in Morocco varied.

The climate in Morocco is Mediterranean, which tends to get more extreme towards the interior regions where it is mountainous. In a single day, one can feel the coldness of the Atlas Mountains and on driving some hours, one can feel the sear hotness of the Sahara dunes and the Oasis. The Weather in Morocco at the coastal regions has the oceanic moderate climate. The north has the Mediterranean cool climate which some times become cold. There is snowfall at the Atlas Mountains and is influenced by the height of the mountains. The south of the country has the Saharan hot climate.

The winter months see rainfalls, with the precipitation being highest in the northwest while the east and the south have the lightest rainfall. This makes the coastal plains rich and is the backbone for agriculture of Morocco. The Weather in Morocco is also responsible for having 12 percent of land being covered by forests. The arable land accounts for 18 percent while the irrigated area is 5 percent.

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