Weather in Portugal

Portugal is an amazing tourist destination, which is famed for its numerous elements among which the Weather in Portugal is an important one. The Weather in Portugal makes the stay in the country a special feeling as it brings in the feel of the Mediterranean. The weather in Portugal has attracted tourists from all over the globe to spend a great holiday.

The climate in Portugal is generally classified as Oceanic in the northern side and Mediterranean in the south. Portugal is regarded as one of the warmest countries in Europe with an annual average temperature ranging from 13 °C in the north and 18 °C in south. The geography of the country plays an important part in the temperature fluctuations, which is evident with the Madeira and Azores Atlantic archipelagos experiencing narrower temperature range. The springs and the summers in Portugal are usually sunny with travelers getting attracted to spend loads of time along the sea and enjoying the charm of the country itself. The other seasons in the country are the autumn and winters are rainy which are generally windy. The Northeastern parts of the country though portray a totally different story with the temperatures falling down to -15 °C. The extremity of the climate though is quiet the same in case of the Southeastern parts of Portugal where in summers temperatures soars up to 45 °C. Milder climate in Portugal are though experienced in the coastal regions where the temperature ranges from -2 °C to 37 °C.

The most extreme temperatures in Portugal are recorded in -23 °C in Serra da Estrela and 48 °C in the Alentejo region.

The best time to visit Portugal is the seasons of spring and fall. These are times when the weather in Portugal remains at its best. The winter usually starts from November or December and continues its spell till February or March.

The mainland though enjoys a great climate which has paved for the travelers from all across the globe to come and enjoy a blissful time in the country.