Weather in Singapore

One of the best aspects of Singapore that makes it a popular destination in the world is its weather. Weather in Singapore has always been a pleasant entity of the city that attracts thousands of tourists from all across the globe. Singapore is located at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula and just 2 degrees north of the Equator. The country comprises of 63 small islets. The country is dotted with beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings all nurtured by Weather in Singapore.

Climate in Singapore is influenced by the equator which lies just 2 degrees away from the location of the country. The land experiences a typical tropical climate making the environment neither very hot nor cold even. This type of climate prevails over the land all through the year making it an ideal place to visit all through the year. The average minimum temperature of the place remains 23 degrees Celsius while the maximum average temperature recorded is about 31 degrees Celsius.

The surroundings of the country too remain pretty moderate with the humidity hovering around 70 to 80 percent. The climate in Singapore makes the place an ideal one to enjoy the bright sun. The travelers can look forward to have a great session of sunbathing in Singapore with its brilliant sun baking down all through the year.

The variation in Weather in Singapore is not much for its position in the latitudes ad longitudes still one of the major seasons of the place is the monsoon. Monsoon in Singapore begins in November and carries till the end of January. The rains in Singapore are welcomed as they cool down the temperature to a great extent. The showers in Singapore are at times intermittent and are very heavy. The ideal time to visit Singapore is to avoid the rainy seasons and make a trip during the months of June to August.