Weather in South Africa

Weather in South Africa is pleasant for most of the year attracting millions of tourists to visit this amazing country. The geography of South Africa is mainly responsible for the weather conditions. The climatic zones in the country vary from region to region. Before planning a trip to South Africa, information about the Weather in South Africa should be inquired.
The wonderful and vibrant country of South Africa is located in the southern most part of the African continent. The long stretch of coastline in South Africa is shared with the Indian Ocean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Being among the 25 largest countries in the world, there are variations in South African weather conditions.
South Africa climate is chiefly temperate, as the oceans surrounding the boundary line. The country lies on the Southern Hemisphere, which is also responsible for the temperate climate. Extreme variations in Weather conditions are experienced in South Africa as one goes towards the equatorial region.
Given below are the types of weather in different regions in South Africa
The southern region in the country has the vast Namibia desert. The climate is extreme in this part of the country.
The eastern part of the country next to the border line with Mozambique, the country has subtropical climate,
The interior part of the country is the scrubland Karoo, the region is flat and the weather is dry.
The southwest part of South Africa experiences hot dry summer months and wet dry winter months.
The famous region of Fynbos Biome is very windy all round the year. This region is famous for the production of the South African wines.
Garden route area in South Africa experiences rainfall for most time of the year. This area is very fertile and full of greenery.
The region of Sutherland in South Africa located in the western part of the Roggeveld Mountains is the coldest place in the country.