Weather in Spain

Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe. It constitutes the Iberian Peninsula along with Andorra and Portugal. It is one of main tourist destinations in Europe. It is a highly developed country including many mountains, beaches, art galleries, museums, parks etc. All of them attract tourists throughout the year. Weather in Spain has a great influence on the tourism of the country. Being a large country, different climatic conditions are experienced here. Spain has three different climatic types such as maritime, continental and Mediterranean.
Weather in Spain varies in different parts of the country because of its extensive size. While the northern part of Spain includes the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Mountains, the valleys of the Guadalquivir River cover most of its southern parts. Because of these diversities, a variety of weather and climatic conditions are seen in this country. Depending on the variation of Weather in Spain, the country is divided into 4 regions such as:North and Northwestern Spain, Mediterranean Spain, Central Spain, Canary Islands.
Generally, a Mediterranean climate is seen in Spain, which includes the dry, hot summers and rainy, mild winters. The central portion, Meseta, shows a continental climate, which is characterized by the dry, hot summers and cold winters. The mountainous areas have extremes of heavy rainfall and a high snowfall in winter. The north parts of the Cantabrian Mountains have a maritime climate, which involves frequent rainfall with a generally cloudy weather. The climate includes mild winters and cool summers. A moderate climate is seen in the Mediterranean coast. An African climate can be experienced in Murcia, which involves a low rainfall and the heat haze in summer.
Cool summers and heavy rainfall in winters can be experienced in the Atlantic coast. In the inner lands, summers are hot and less rainfall is seen. The Balearic Islands include a maritime climate. The Canary Islands exhibit an equally warm climate. The coastal areas have a mild climate. The inner areas have hot days and cooler nights. The summer months in Spain are from June to September. It includes a very hot weather with temperature more than 30 deg C. A large number of tourists visit the country, particularly attracted to the beautiful beaches. Although winters in Spain are not very cold, Madrid and some central areas have a very low temperature. Autumn or spring is the season of choice for the tourists to visit Spain. During this season, the climate in Spain is lovely. It is perfect to enjoy on the beaches.Weather in Spain is generally pleasant throughout the year inviting tourists to visit it in any particular season. However autumn and spring are more preferable for the visitors.