Weather in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small but extremely beautiful country that is located in Central Europe, known for its snowy Alpine mountains. It has many lakes and some of the highest mountains ranges in the world. The country is located on a high altitude and due to this Weather in Switzerland exhibits a wide variety.
The depression created in Eastern Europe and Atlantic causes an inconsistent Weather in Switzerland. The country experiences a stabilized weather when it is not affected by cyclone. Summers are pretty warm during the midday while the winters are very cold with cloudy skies.
Based on the climate in Switzerland, the country is divided into four climatic regions: Canton Ticino, The Alps, Central or Swiss Plateau, Jura Mountains.
Canton Ticino: This is located around lake Maggiore and lake Lugano. Summers in this region are very warm and the winter is mild. As this region lies to the south of the main Alpine ranges, the warmer Mediterranean air influences the climatic conditions greatly. Monsoon is quite severe, but in a settled weather, the climate is very hot and sunny.
The Alps: Weather in Switzerland is also characterized by The Alps that extend from Geneva to Austria and cover almost half of the country. Different climatic conditions prevail on the valleys and the higher mountains in the area. The valley regions are foggy in winter and warm in summer. The mountain regions are warm in summer and relatively sunny on stabilized weather conditions.
There are number of local winds which occur in the Alps. Warm breeze blow during daytime and the breeze is quite cold in the night near the glaciers. Large areas of the Alpine region are affected by a warm and humid wind known as fohn. The wind blows in valleys on the southern side of the Alps and is more severe on the northern side. This is noticed during spring and late winter and is capable of melting snow very quickly.
The Central Plateau: The majority of the population and all the large towns of Switzerland are in the Central Plateau and it is the lowest part of the country. Winters are very cold, cloudy and foggy. Snows are very common during severe winters and it lasts for many weeks. Summers are very warm but it often rains heavily and continues for many days.
The Jura Mountains: It is a small part of Switzerland that spreads from Basel to Geneva. The valleys of these mountains are narrow and the ridges are steep. Snow covers the mountains during winter for a long period. Summers are similar to Swiss Plateau, but they are wet and cloudy.Apart from all these variations, overall climate in Switzerland is mild and salubrious and this is one of the reasons why it is one of the favorite tourist destinations.