Weather in Taiwan

The Weather in Taiwan reflects a great range of regional difference in Taiwan. The guests and the visitors will get to know more about the Weather in Taiwan in the Taiwan Travel Guide.
Taiwan is an island nation that has about 36,000 square kilometers and is located off the coast of southeastern China, southwest of Okinawa and north of the Philippines. The island is controlled by the Republic of China or it is also known as ROC. The shape of the island of Taiwan is like to a sweet potato seen in a south to north direction, and therefore, Taiwanese people mainly the Min-nan section, frequently call themselves the offspring of the Sweet Potato.
The weather on the island is usually marine and also varies broadly by season in the Northern part and the mountain regions. The southern part belongs to the steamy belt and is all year humid and hot. It is rainy season from the month of May to June including daily showers.
From July to October typhoons are most likely to hit on average about four direct hits per year. In the Northern part of Taiwan, cloudiness is constant and wide during the year; in the south the rainy days are always in the summer time and 90% of the annual rainfall takes place during this period. The yearly rainfall is generally more than 2500 millimeter and close to 5000 millimeter in some Eastern regions.

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