Weather in Tonga

Tonga is a beautiful island situated in the spectacular South Pacific Ocean archipelago of Oceania. The fascinating island of Tonga has become a leading tourist destination, receiving travelers from the various territories and countries of the world. The weather in Tonga remains pleasant throughout the year. The climate in Tonga can be described as basically tropical. The Weather in Tonga generally remains warm from December to April. During the period from December to April the temperature in Tonga rises above 90 degree Fahrenheit or above 32 degrees Celsius.
The picturesque island of Tonga comprises three island groups, which include Tongatapu, Ha’apai, and Vava’u. The wonderful Pacific Island’s Ocean of Tonga encompasses a total area of 800 kilometers from the north to the south. The Tongatapu is the biggest island of Tonga; Nuku’alofa, the capital city of Tonga is situated in the beautiful island of Tongatapu. The enchanting tourist destination of Tonga occupies a total area of 748 square kilometers. The highest point of Tonga measures about 1033 meters in height. The island of Tonga comprises 419 kilometers of beautiful coastal areas.
The weather in Tonga stays generally remains cool from May to November. The temperature in Tonga rarely rises above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or in other world above 27 degrees Celsius from the period between May and November. The average daily humidity of Tonga is 80%. The annual average rainfall in Tonga hovers from 1700 to 2970 millimeters as one travels from Tongatapu which is situated in the south to northern islands which are located near the Equator.
The temperature starts gradually increasing as one move from the southern part of the island to the northern direction. The temperature in the northern part of the Tonga Island varies from 23 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius or in other words from 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Trade winds also blow across the enchanting island of Tonga. The summer season in Tonga extends from December to May and the winter season stretches from May to December. The international tourists coming for a tour in Tonga should equip themselves with precise and comprehensive information on the Tonga Weather.

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