Weather in Tunisia

The weather in Tunisia is dependent on a large number of factors and you should bear these in mind while planning your tours to this fascinating land. There are wide variations in the weather of Tunisia and these are largely dependent on the several geographical parts that the place can be divided into.
You will get to see that there are significant differences between the climate that exists in the north and that is there in the south of Tunisia. The climate in the north is typically Mediterranean. The summers are hot and dry and the winters are mild and wet. When you move towards the south you would notice a massive change on weather conditions. The reason is that it is closer to the Sahara Desert. This proximity to the Sahara obviously helps in the increase of the aridity of the landscape. This is definitely the main reason that makes the summer climate extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. Not only is the temperature high, the humidity is also high. This is a major reason as to why the climate of Tunisia in summer is close to being unbearable.
Rainfall is another very important factor in the weather of Tunisia. Rainfall is irregular and droughts are also quite common. The average temperatures along the coast are 7°C (45°F) in winter and 32°C (90°F) in summer. But the temperatures in the south are much higher and the places here experience an extremity of climate. In the South there are the fierce hot and dry Sirocco winds that blow from the Sahara. The siroccos greatly increase the temperatures. The temperatures during this time of the year are around the mid 40s Centigrade. These winds have a serious effect of both the plant and human life. It is very dry and the conditions borders on the extreme.
Therefore the best season to visit Tunisia is during spring and autumn. In spite of the heat summer is one of the most popular seasons to visit Tunisia in. In fact the weather is to great extent dependant on the geographical variations of the land. The country can be divided into three distinct physical regions. These are the Northern Tunisia, Central Tunisia, and Southern Tunisia. Northern Tunisia is pleasant, central Tunisia is semi arid and southern Tunisia experiences extreme conditions due to its proximity to the Sahara Desert.

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