Weather in UAE

Weather in UAE is very predictable. The country experiences a desert climate and has very dry and hot weather. Sun is shining all through the year in UAE. It’s the excellent Weather in UAE which makes it a perfect summer resort. Travelers to UAE should plan their trip in the best season of the country.
Moderate weather conditions are found in UAE especially between October and March. Days in these months are sunny and very pleasant. Temperature is usually around 26 degree centigrade. The nights during this time of the year are really fantastic. If you come to UAE in this time, you will enjoy cool nights. Temperature after dusk falls as much as 15 degree centigrade.
Summers are not the ideal time for leisure visits to UAE. April to September is the span of summer. During this time temperature in UAE rises to as far as 50 degree centigrade. Humidity levels are quite high which will lead to lot of perspiration. String Southerly and Northerly winds blow over UAE. Intermittent sand storms also hit UAE. More or less all the cities of UAE experience the same kind of weather conditions except Dubai.
The weather conditions of Dubai are somewhat different from the normal Weather in UAE. Sunny blue sky is seen throughout the year. Rain fall is very less. Rain occurs mainly in winter. The travelers can experience both high and low temperatures. Normally the temperature of Dubai Soars up to 50 degree centigrade whilst the dip till 10. 5 degrees Celsius.
Weather in UAE is quite good. Travelers will experience excellent Weather in UAE is they plan their trip properly.

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