Weather in Ukraine

The Weather in Ukraine shows influences of the various geographical features. Located in the eastern part of Europe, Ukraine is the second in largest in terms area. The landmass of Ukraine consists of steppes or the plain land, the plateaus, and the mountainous region in the north. The weather in Ukraine is similar to the type prevailing in the temperate continental type of climate. While coast along the Crimean experiences a Mediterranean type of climate.
The Weather in Ukraine differs from region to region. The weather is characterized by abundant precipitation. The sky remains cloudy quite frequently. The range of temperature is not too high. It is very marginal. The summer is quite pleasant with the temperature ranging 190C and 160C. Rainfall is quite regular and average rainfall during the summer months remains at 50 cm. However the rainfall tends to be heavier in the higher regions which remain quite wet and cool. Humidity is quite low never reaching above 25%. The summer months are quite short and pleasant making this an ideal time for traveling in Ukraine.
During winter the temperature sometimes dips as low as -60C. The higher regions remain covered with snow making it ideal for skiing and other ice games. The mean temperature remains at 100C. Precipitation is regular during the winter as well. Precipitation is higher in the lower regions during winter. All snow lovers get easily allured by the thick snow cover in the mountains. As such the region receives a healthy footfall of tourists during this time. Tourists are advised to carry warm clothes as well as protective dresses from rain.
The best time to visit Ukraine is in summer months. Summer is crispy with short sunny autumn. The clear weather condition makes this period very suitable to enjoy traveling in any region of the country. Tourist can carry light clothes and umbrellas or rain coats to protect from light showers which are very regular and unpredictable. Sightseeing is quite enjoyable as transportation during this period is smooth and fast.