Weather in Vietnam

Weather in Vietnam is pleasant and suitable for the travelers. Before heading to Vietnam for spending your vacation, you should know its location and its climate. With useful information on Weather in Vietnam, you know when to go Vietnam for vacationing.
Vietnam has a tropical monsoonal atmosphere. With the humidity of around 84 % average along the year, climate of this country is determined by its latitude and topographical relief. The climate usually varies noticeably from place to place. During the winter or dry period, expanding almost from November to April, the monsoon winds frequently adrift from the northeast beside the China coast and transversely the Gulf of Tonkin. During the southwesterly summer monsoon that takes place from May to October, the air of the Gobi Desert blows far from the north with moist air.
Vietnam sees a reasonable degree of variety in climate. The north part has a different summer and a winter season that lasts from May to October, whereas the weather is hot and very sultry with average temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius. Winter months includes November to April. The temperature usually remains dry with an average temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius.
The Weather in Vietnam at the northern part ranges from Northern Mountains to Danang. Several areas from north of the 18th Parallel have two seasons like winter and summer. Winter ranges from approximately November to April that remains quite cool and wet. During February and March, you can see continuous rain. The hot summer, in northern Vietnam, runs from the month of May to October, with very high moisture. You may also experience typhoons sometimes.
The Central part of Vietnam includes from Danang to Nha Trang. Nha Trang and north central coastal lowlands includes a long dry season from late January to October followed by fog and excellent light rain. Dalat like the rest of central highlands remains much cooler than the Mekong Delta and the coastal strip. The dry season of this central part stays from December to March.
The Southern part of Vietnam ranges from Nha Trang to Mekong Delta. The South has two major seasons like the wet and the dry. During the wet season, Weather in Vietnam varies from May to November and June to August considered as the wettest months. The dry season starts from the month of December to April, whereas February to May will be the hottest and very humid. Annual rainfall is considerable in all regions and heavy in some places. It varies from 120 centimeters to 300 centimeters.

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