Weather of Hong Kong

The weather of Hong Kong is said to be a subtropical which is means the climate of the region is basically wet-dry and humid. Though most of the time the temperatures are quiet comfortable but still you should plan your trip according to favorable climate.

If you don’t like hot and humid weather of Hong Kong then you must the area in December, January and February as the skies remain overcast and temperatures are neither too hot nor too cool. The average temperature during these months varies between 7°C to 15°C. Though the temperatures are cool but sub-zero temperature have also existed in some local areas.

The winter climate of Hong Kong usually ends in late February rainfall is uncommon during this period of time. Cold weather and drizzles can persist once they begin. March means spring times and coming of the monsoon season. The amount of rainfall and humidity increases till the month of May.

The months from June to September are the hottest when temperature goes upto 34°C with high humidity content. The region also witnesses many thunderstorms during these months. During this Hong Kong weather you will see hot and sunny conditions with sporadic showers and thunderstorms. Isolated typhoons may also hit Hong Kong during late spring.

Weather of Hong Kong is most pleasant in October and November when the climate is sunny and region sees mild to warm temperatures with lesser humidity content. Since the area has several beaches the temperatures remain quiet comfortable through out the year.