Weather of Thailand

Thailand weather is generally humid in the majority of the country since it is a tropical country. The weather of Thailand is determined by its climatic conditions which are characterized by three seasons in the northern part of Bangkok and whereas southern part is determined by only two.

The weather conditions are mostly dry between November and May. The weather of Thailand experiences cool breeze in the northern areas from November to February. May to November is another season for northern part as there is a very heavy rainfall in the north.

The southern parts of Thailand have only two seasons unlike the northern one and are wet and dry. The western and eastern sides of peninsula both have different timings. From April to October the monsoon brings rain and heavy storms on the west coast by southwest monsoons, on the other hand the rainfalls are likely to be between September and December.

Every year around 2,400 millimeters of rainfall occurs in the southern parts of Thailand. On the other hand central and northern parts get around 1,400 millimeters of rainfall.

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