Wendover is a small village of 571 homes located approximately 30 minutes east of Ottawa, along the south shore of the Ottawa River. It is surrounded by the villages of Plantagenet, Curran and Clarence. The origins of the town’s name cannot be found in the archives, however, it is suspected to be named after a British visitor who spent a fair while in the village in 1830.

Construction of a Chapel was first authorized in 1871 by Mgr. Duhamel, to be situated on a property east of the village, donated by the Corbeil family. It was built by Joseph Gratton. In 1895 a larger church was constructed, later destroyed by fire in 1910.

Following this fire, Father Alphonse Sguin had the church rebuilt facing the dock, and today the church still stands in this location.

To the east of the village, remnants of a railway can be seen where a bridge crossed the Nation River. The railway was constructed in 1905 and was operational until 1930.

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