West Region

West Region


The air is constantly fresh and humid with moderate temperatures and rainfalls. A two seasons climate : A long dry season from October to May and a rainy season which runs from July to September.

Touristics sites
Bafoussam The Bati Pass : It constitues a terror for cyclistsand a haven for Panoramic viewers . The crater lake
of Baleng , Banefo and Doupe . The cave of Ndassi Nebary : to breath in fresh air from the underwoods of Bangou . The traditional palaces of Bafoussam ; Bandjoun , Badenkop and Baleng with their great sacred huts The Bafoussam central Market . The Metchie falls , close to Bafoussam.


The falls of Tsugning and Balatchi .
Mount KOSSA.
The Bamendjin dam.
The mounts Bamboutos and its Bororo camps .
The Babadjou , Bamendjin and Batcham Palaces.
The Ngoo Bamenyam.
The grottos of Ndovou.

The plain of Noun .
The Badounga plateau.
The falls of Nde in Nkong .
The talking stones of Bazou .
The Lougzen rocks at Toungwi(Bangwa)
Dschang Founded in 1903 by the Germans , Dschang is an old colonial town . In 1942 Europeans created the centre climetique de dschang because , war in their countries did not permit them go on holidays . Situated at an altitude of 1380 ms , Dschang is Your unique spot good , refreshing found in Africa , south of the Sahara , constructed during the second war .

Climate It is one of the attractions of the region , the air is soft and fresh almost throughoutthe year .It has two main seasons : a dry season from October to March and a rainy season from April to September . Annual temperatures and precipitations can attain 10c and 2000 mm respectively.

Touristics sites

The centre of Agronomic Research (IRAD )
The University of Dschang .
The palaces of Foto , Bafou , Fongo – tongo .
The Santchoucliff.
The art museum ( tourism office ).
The Mbo plain , whose road , the German track is a short cut when travelling from Douala to Dschang .
March A market by triptych traditional hut with thatched roofs giving it an original signet .
The main market day is the NGAN
Djutitsa tea plantation .
Bamboutos mountains .
Handicrafts center .

Founded at the beginning of the 15th century by Nchare Yen ( the founder of the Bamoun kingdom ) Foumban is one of the oldest towns in Cameroon . It is situated north east of Bafoussam at 1200ms altitude on the hills ; choosen for defense purpose .

The Bamouns are mostly craftsmen , therefore the town remains a touristic one and offers several attraction to tourists. Palace of Sultan . The portraits of the king Nchare Yen , ( 1394 – 1418 ) founder of the Bamoun dynasty MBOUOMBOUO , NJOYA Ibrahim and Njimoluh Seidou.

Royal Museum of the Palace .

Handicraft village .
The twin lakes of Pets – Pon – Noun .
Thermal water source ( steam source ) at about 19 kms from the entrance of Njimoun . A mystical place where the founders of the kingdom made conquest plans .
A Tikar plain .
The Melap reserve , it is a well known eucalyptus and pine plantyation . -*Highly recommended for walking trips or ride .
The large mosque , situated close to the colourful and noisy market held especially on Wednesdays and saturdays ; the traditionnal market day .
The aqua – cultural centre ( cultivation of aquatic plants and animals )
The Forongain lake .
Lake and the mount Mbappit .
The house of culture .
Ibrahim Njoya high School .

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