Whale Trails in New Zealand It’s Breathtaking Journey

If you really want to experience a breathtaking journey in the foamy waters of the sea, make sure that you have a booking for the whale trails in New Zealand. One of the most popular adventure tours in New Zealand, the New Zealand whale trails draw a large number of enthusiasts from all across the globe. Explore the underwater world of the huge marine mammals with the exciting whale trails in New Zealand.

If you love to move with the swelling waters while chasing the whales, the action packed whale trails in New Zealand is the ideal trip for you. In fact, the strategic location of the country engulfed by the Pacific ocean makes the whale trail an integral part of the New Zealand tours. One of the most important and popular places for is the old whaling village of Kaikoura. The whale chasing trips in the country will bring you close to the number of species of whales, especially the gigantic and huge Sperm Whales. Located in South Island, the lee of the towering 2600 meter high snow-capped Kaikoura Ranges is an excellent place to explore these marine creatures.
The whale trails in New Zealand bring you close to the endangered Hector’s Dolphins as well. These dolphins stop at a rocky hauling spot for New Zealand Fur Seals. Enjoy an action-packed cruise looking for the three species of dolphins in these waters. These include boisterous leaping Dusky Dolphins and several other species of southern ocean pelagic seabirds. Hutton’s Shearwaters, which breed in the mountain ranges overlooking the bay too can be seen if you attempt the whale trails in New Zealand. You can also get a glimpse of migrating Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, Blue Whales and Southern Right Whales.


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