Whale Watching in Kiribati

Whale watching in Kiribati is a very old and prestigious form of Adventure sports. In the past few years whale watching in Kiribati has become an activity which brings in a lot of excitement and adventure to the whole trip. An island with more number of coconut trees than its population Kiribati brings a lot of tourists every year, which perhaps settle down the counts. Naturally created lagoons established approximately six meters above the sea level. Other than whale watching one can enjoy getting involved and hooked up with activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and many more. The list of activities seems to be never ending.
An unforgettable experience with these living giants will make you visit Kiribati and go for whale watching again and again. A worth watching experience which one can never ever imagine, the audience often can not believe that fact that they are actually close to these gigantic creatures. The calm and composed whales are often in playful mode which amuses our youngsters most and create a harmony between our and their kingdom. The common varieties of these giants roaming around the coast and entertaining the tourists are : Minke Whales, White Beaked Dolphins, Harbor porpoises, Humpback whales, Killer whales. Though Sei and Killer whales are rarely found, they create a magnificent and dramatic visual experience of life.
A lot of educational tours are also facilitated by the local authorities in order to impart knowledge on these gigantic creatures left on earth. Often a lot of travel and tour channels, animal and wildlife channels and many more visit Kiribati to capture those captivating and tranquil moments with our very friendly and entertaining Whales.
Mind blowing views and exotic water experience is what the local cruise services provide, starting from accommodation to multi cuisine food to whale watching all becomes a part of these specialized cruises mostly a day or two. Mostly these cruises can be booked earlier and it is advised to do so in order to avoid any inconvenience during Kiribati Travel.