Whale Watching in Tonga

Whale Watching in Tonga is one of the most interesting adventure sports in the region. You can especially partake in whale watching in the waters of Vava’u, Tonga. The waters in this region are more than 1000 meters in depth. It has a shoreline of less than a mile. If you are planning on watching whales in Tonga, be sure to visit this part of Tonga. Whale watching in Tonga is sure to be a pleasurable experience, while you tour the region.
Whale watching in Tonga is indeed very enjoyable. Between June and October, the humpback whales migrate to the secure waters of the Vava’u group of islands, Tonga. They travel to these waters to mate as well as give birth to their calves. The most important time when they arrive in these waters is from July to September. You can avail of a number of whale watching tours in Tonga. These tours are conducted by boat. The Ministry of Fisheries has put forth a set of guidelines which are to be strictly followed while watching the whales here. You can snorkel or swim keeping a distance of 30 meters from the whales. However, scuba diving is prohibited. These whales, especially the young ones are curious and so approach the boats. You can also listen to their songs which echo in the water.
You can also spot whales from the land as well. Climb to the limestone cliffs of Toafa and look towards west Vava’u. You may also spot humpback whales from the Ha’apai group of islands, as well as the north western cliffs of ‘Eua Island, located in south of Tongatapu. These whales are seen migrating from the Vava’u group of islands.
Besides whales, you will also notice a number of spinner dolphins, which inhabit the waters around the secure Vava’u group of islands throughout the year. Under the Tongan Law, all dolphins and whales are protected.
So, if you are interested in Whale Watching in Tonga, be sure to visit the Vava’u and Ha’apai groups of islands. The sights of the whales as well as the dolphins are indeed breathtaking and memorable. You are sure to enjoy your tour in Tonga.

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