What to do and eat in Palau

Palau is most famous for scuba diving. One of the most famous dive sites – Blue Corner, with constant sharks and a high current – is located less than 1 hour’s boat ride from most resorts. Many live aboards like Ocean Hunter operate out of Palau. There are also tours to WWII battle fields on Palau.

The Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel and Blue Holes are all amazing dive sites. You can dive the same site again and again and have completely different experiences each time.

Splash, the dive shop attached to the Palau Pacific Resort is recommended. The equipment available for rental is of high quality, and either new or well maintained. The dive masters are also very experienced, responsible and know the dive sites very well. Angelo at Splash is highly recommended as a dive master especially if you have not dived in stronger currents. It should be noted that Splash runs a rather large, wide diveboat, containing 20+ divers.

Sam’s Tours is another dive shop in Palau that offers diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and land tours. They have some great guides that provide educational and environmental information about the locales. Sam’s Tours uses small, fast narrow boats which carry 4~8 divers.

The Rock Island Cafe in Koror is a great place for a quick bit of American-style food. It is located a little west of the Court House on Koror Island. Always a good place to go is Kramer’s – a bit hard to find for the first time but food is good and the nightlife always interesting. Several places of note in Koror are the Taj, an excellent indian restaurant, Fuji, a reasonably priced psuedo Japanese or Dragon Tai on the way into Koror.

Abai Ice in Koror is a small hut that offers fresh fruit smoothies. Highly recommended. Many licensed establishments in Palau – from quiet little bars to japanese style karaoke bars complete with bar girls. For a decent affordable drink try Sam’s dive shop or High Tide behind Neco dive shop. Story board is good but tends to be a hangout for many of the local expats.

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