What to Eat and Drink in Virgin Islands

Inevitably, seafood is the dish of choice for most people. Lobster and various fish are available from the small restaurants. There are many restaurants throughout the islands varying from rotis and curries from Guyana and Trinidad to Italian, French and Asian.

Rum, not surprisingly, is the drink of choice in the islands. Rum punch and other concoctions can be found at bars on the main beaches and roads. Most beaches do not have any refreshment stands so it would be wise to bring at least water. The Pain Killer is highly recommended. As is the Bushwacker. However, each bar has its own speciality drinks and rum punch in one bar may not be like rum punch in any other one. One drink to be careful with is the No See-Um, a refreshing banana, coconut and pineapple long drink made with 151 proof rum.

There is plenty of Nightlife around Road Town, although only tourist places are advertised – ask a local for what is on where. Live local music is a feature of many restaurants and bars. The sunsets are spectacular, so a drink on the beach or in the mountains, watching the sunset and listening to local music before dinner can be a very pleasant vacation from the usual club-based entertainment of most mainlanders