What Where to Eat in Singapore

What and where to eat in Singapore would not be difficult to answer at all as food culture is very rich and history is a witness to this fact as one finds people form different races have settled in Singapore. In Singapore eating is considered to be a national past time.

Here one would find there are numerous places to eat that are rich in culinary that includes Chinese, Malay, Indian and European. This great number of places to eat reflects the great desire for food and drink in Singapore. One would find in the city- state at almost all the places restaurants.

The places to eat offer cuisines from almost all the part of the world. The cuisines also reflect the coming together of different cultures that have been prevalent from the 19th and 20th century. The popular cuisines include Western, Thai, Korean and Japanese and the tour to Singapore would be incomplete without following the cuisines that are found all over.

What/ Where to eat in Singapore is all the more appealing as the food here is inexpensive. Singapore being a maritime city one food would find seafood restaurants that are popular and offer dishes like chilli crabs. The Malayan food has rice that is common and comes in many forms. The food is steamed in banana leaf and other ingredients like dried fish, turmeric and lemon grass are used.

The Chinese food offers booth the Cantonese food to Sichuan that is spicy. One can also find cuisines that are a fusion of Chinese and Malay and here one is reminded of Peranakan food. One can also find Indian restaurants that also offer food to those who are strictly vegetarians.

The other places to eat in Singapore would be the hawker stalls and coffee shops. One should also try out the teahouses that are popular for the Chinese tea.

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