What & Where to Eat in Taiwan

Once you are in Taiwan you can forget all worries related to food as the place is a paradise for food and for food lovers. Almost all the places in Taiwan serve some great food but one should be a little wary of entering the so called Western Restaurants as the food they serve and the names that they use could be very different from what you are used to eating back home, so you can keep your eating baggage behind and try stuff that the local restaurants serve.
Some of the best restaurants where you can try some Chinese food are in places like Taipei, Kaohsiung and other important cities and towns. If you are not feeling that hungry and you wish to have a quick grub then you can walk into any of the numerous eateries that are present in the departmental stores.
Food is usually cooked fresh and served hot but if you are made to wait then chances are there that you would be served some delicious food. Since the Chinese restaurants cater to a group rather than individual it is better to go in a group and a local guy to tag along since a local person will be able to explain the menu which is sometimes undecipherable to the common westerner.
However Taiwan has enough restaurants serving different types of cuisine to satisfy your gastronomical demands.

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