When to Go Bahrain

Tourist brochures warn visitors away from the intensely hot summer months (early June to mid-September), when the sea is flat and vaporous, the cold tap runs hot and even the grass is too peppery to walk on. Yet, in many ways, this is Bahrain’s most characterful time of the year:

it’s when you realize the importance of a wind tower, or a well in the desert, or a headscarf to keep out the hot, dry winds of a dust storm. If braving the extreme heat and humidity doesn’t appeal, the best time to visit is November to March, avoiding Ramadan and Eid holidays, when an influx of Saudi tourists can make it hard to find a room.

It can get extremely hot and humid in Bahrain from June to September, with high temperatures averaging 38°C (100°F) during the day. November to March tends to be much more pleasant, with warm days, cool nights and negligible rainfall.

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